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FOR LAW FIRMS | Women's Rainmaking Initiatives



Karen Kaplowitz, the founding partner of the first women’s law firm in Los Angeles, Bardeen, Bersh & Kaplowitz, knows first-hand the challenges women attorneys face and has created an intensive workshop that provides concrete, tangible techniques to optimize sales performance specifically for women.

Workshop Topics

Integrating Marketing Into The Workday

  • Keeping up with clients’ businesses
  • Staying in touch with clients effortlessly
  • Developing a marketing awareness
  • Training your staff and colleagues
  • Leverage, leverage, leverage

Using Writing and Speaking Proactively

  • Notifying and inviting clients/prospects to speaking engagements
  • Using speaking engagements to bring together clients/prospects

How to Use Professional and Business Organizations Effectively

  • Picking the right groups to join
  • Participating in the right part of the group

Building From Strength

  • Targeting the people who think most highly of you already
  • Prioritizing targets based on New Ellis methodology

Avoiding Pitfalls

  • Why multitasking is not required
  • How to segue from social to business with comfort
  • Avoiding ambiguous communications, i.e. sexual nature

When and How to Team With Male Colleagues

  • Modeling the behavior you expect
  • Putting your clients and prospects first
  • Building trust with colleagues
  • Treating colleagues like clients
  • Keeping control of the client relationship

Networking Tips From The “Goddess Of Networking”

  • When to arrive at events
  • Where to position yourself at events
  • How to introduce yourself
  • What to do with business cards
  • How to engage a stranger
  • What to talk about
  • How to move around a room
  • How to introduce people to one another
  • How to move on from a conversation
  • What to do with a business card back at the office
  • How and when to follow up

What to Do With Your New Power

  • Share it
  • Leverage it
  • Enjoy it