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FOR LAW FIRMS | Networking in a Troubled Economy



During this difficult economic time, many trusted and loyal clients may be downsized and turn to you for job leads, referrals, and contacts. The New Ellis Group has designed a program to meet the networking needs of your clients as they face the challenges of an uncertain job market without draining billable time or straining relationships. The program enhances the business development skills of attorneys to further their strategic relationships with clients and prospects alike.

Each program is highly customized to meet the needs of each firm culture, the skill sets required, and the types of clients that are being impacted. The three-part program outlined below includes an intake phase to meet the particular needs of lawyers and their clients, a business development skills workshop, and an impactful networking event to provide contacts for displaced clients.

A Three Part Program

Design phase in collaboration with firm's marketing professionals:

  • Create a plan to help lawyers help their clients
  • Collect resource information for lawyers to give clients
  • Plan training for lawyers
  • Create networking events to support program

Training Phase: Networking Skills Workshop:

  • How to respond to clients: standing in their shoes
  • Making introductions: vouching for clients with examples
  • Using social networking tools effectively
  • Avoiding time drain, coffee, not lunch and other tips
  • Connecting successfully with colleagues and clients at networking events
  • Socratic listening, probing questions
  • Connecting the dots, taking action
  • How to work a room


  • Preparatory meetings with lawyer participants
  • Advice re diverse guest lists; not all job seekers
  • Insuring proper follow-up